An endowment fund provides a source of annual income to the organization of your choice. The fund is designed to function in perpetuity. Individuals or organizations can establish endowments with a $10,000 gift of cash, securities, or other appreciated assets, receiving an immediate tax deduction. Additional gifts of any size may be made at any time once the endowment is established. For example, many individuals and organizations establish endowments to ensure that Catholic schools, parishes and ministries will continue to receive annual support. Each year, an annual distribution is made available to each beneficiary to be used for the purpose of the original intent.

The Catholic Foundation of South Louisiana offers two types of endowed funds:

  1. The True Endowment is maintained permanently, with only the earnings being available as a source of income. Click here for the Endowment Fund Agreement. – Download
  2. The Quasi Endowment functions as an endowment but allows individuals or organizations to access both the earnings and principal in cases of emergency.  Click here for the Quasi Endowment Fund Agreement. – Download